7 Ultimate Benefits of being a seller on Friscone THAT WILL ACTUALLY MAKE YOUR LIFE BETTER

Friscone is an online marketplace, where we want to bring economic opportunities to the small businesses. Friscone is connecting business to business and business to consumers. There is a wide range of categories available on Friscone like cosmetic products, kitchen and dining products, clothing, toys and games, footwear and more.

If you are small business owner looking for a speedy and effortless way to get products in front of consumers, selling on Friscone is an excellent place to start.

There are several advantages of enrolling as a seller on Friscone, but the most important one is FREE CATALOGUE SUPPORT.

As in e-commerce marketplace catalogs are the most important marketing tool for the sellers.

Friscone Catalogue Support team ask for the detailed description of the products from the seller and prepare a well managed and clear online catalogue. So, that consumers can trust the seller and make a purchase decision.

At Friscone we want to grow our business by helping our sellers to grow their business. Apart from providing them wide range of customers and other benefits. We also provide the small business owners hassle free START-UP LOAN / #BUSINESSLOAN. So, that our sellers can also expand their business and reach to new heights.

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Friscone does not charge any Monthly Subscription Fees or Listing Fees. There is only Sign Up Fees and Commission Fees. There are different percentages for every category you sell, but we can surely assure you that our Commission Fees is the Cheapest, when compared to other marketplaces.

Friscone Logistic Support Team is very well organized, which provide end to end Logistic Support to our Sellers, which makes selling on Friscone very much convenient for the Sellers. They just need to keep their order packed and Friscone Pick Up team will receive the order from the seller and Friscone Delivery Team will get it deliver to the customer.

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While selling at retail store, sellers can only cover an area or a city, but with the help of Friscone Sellers can target the audience residing at 25000+ Pin Codes PAN INDIA. And Friscone Logistic Support Team will deliver your products to these Pin Codes in very short time.

FRISCONE SELLER SUPPORT TEAM is 24*7 available on our Whatsapp Customer Care Number +91 93 707 43 870 , where Sellers can easily connect to our representatives for any inquiry, doubts, difficulty or complication you may have. FRISCONE SELLER SUPPORT TEAM is always there to help our sellers weather they need assistance in listing a product, or removing a product which they have already listed. We are always happy to help you.

Friscone Group Start Selling Now !

Friscone provides Free & Secure Payment Gateway Service for our sellers, which empower our Sellers to grow their business by accepting Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, EMI on Credit Card, UPI & Wallet.

After reading this Blog, Sellers can easily understand our tagling- “FRISCONE GROUP – INDIA KA APNA MATKETPLACE”.

Looking for the best eCommerce Website ? Try #Friscone

We consider our customers as the integral part of Friscone’s Family. As according to Friscone team, You can’t be the best marketplace, until you don’t know How to satisfy your customers !

At friscone, the main goal of our team is to provide the best experience to our customers.

We want our customers to be happy and feel lucky to be the part of Friscone’s Family, as we wish to retain them for lifetime. We want them to feel personally connected with us.

As the best Customer Experience is a blend of Product, Procedures, Team Work and Implementation. Here, at Friscone we focus to give our best on all these points.

Friscone Quality Assurance Team review the product before sending them for delivery. So, that we deliver only Genuine Products to our Customer and gain their Trust.

Customer can easily connect with Friscone Customer Support Team, for any query starting from placing order to delivery.

Ae we think from the customer’s point of view. So, the delivery before or on time is also one of our main target.


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